For many years we have been trying to build a building company with a reliable and honest reputation.

Well, I'd like to think that today we've finally achieved just that.  At Atlas Building we let our existing customers do our talking for us, its one of the best ways of gaining peoples trust, and in so, build a successful business.

So before you decide; before you choose a building company to undertake your building works, please give us the opportunity to advise and quote for your proposed works.

If given the opportunity to quote for your works, I would visit at a convenient time, discuss and look at your proposal and usually go away for about a week (unless I need another look) to prepare a quotation.

I would return after that week with your quote, spend time discussing and explaining  (if you need it explaining) leaving it with you to deliberate.

The price Atlas Building quotes is the price you pay (no hidden extras).

So it is my hope that you will give Atlas the opportunity to advise and quote for you.

Many thanks 

Chris Dutton.

‚ÄčNot all building companies are the same........